1. Our offer is based on the information provided by the client or other authorized informants. We do not assume liability for the accuracy or completeness of information. Errors and intermediate sale/lease reserved.

2. The brokerage contract with us is established either by written agreement or by the claim of our services on the basis of the property brochure and its applying conditions.

3. Our offers are exclusively directed for the offeree and client and must be handled confidentially. On disclosure to third parties without our consent the offeree is obliged to pay the customary or agreed commission, if the third party closes the contract; further claims for damages on our part remain reserved.

4. We are entitled to provide services to the other contract party on a commission basis.

5. Our commission fee is not affected by the fact that instead of the originally intended transaction, another is accomplished (e.g. purchase instead of rent or vice versa, acquisition in foreclosure, provided that we have procured documents relating to the assessment of the object (valuation of the court), instead discretionary sale) if the economic success does not differ substantially deviate from our offer.

6. The commission is due and payable upon execution of the agreement in due form, or upon conclusion of an equivalent transaction effected in connection with the offer submitted by the broker. Acquisition or use conditions are to be communicated to the broker by the customer.

7. Withholding of payment or set-off against commission claims by the offeree is excluded, except for uncontested or non-appealable claims.

8. If the subject property is already known to the offeree, he/she must promptly inform us, i.e. no later than three days from receipt of our offer. The amounts for commission that have been described in the

relevant proposals (see para. 1) shall be paid to us when the contract is concluded.

9. Place of contract performance and jurisdiction is the place of the registered office of the broker, as so far as this is permitted by law.

10. Should one or more of the above provisions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The ineffective provision is to be replaced by a provision coming closest to the economical interests of the contractual parties not contradicting the remaining provisions.